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Not just a friend, Reynaldo was one of my very first clients when I started building Websites ..... 
You will be missed .... R.I.P.
    Passed on Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reynaldo Rey, comedian, actor, artist and writer (songs, television, stage plays and screenplays) comes from a very unusual background. Born in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, of African-American and American-Indian ancestry, he grew up in the nightlife atmosphere of Kansas City. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Education at Kansas State Teacher's College, and returning to work toward his Masters, he taught for a year in Wichita, where he participated in experimental theater at Wichita University. He later moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he taught for seven years and became a member of the Karamu House Theatre, world renowned for its production of top-notch actors, directors and producers. There, he launched his career in comedy, going on the road with the O'Jays and show business became his life. Reynaldo then moved to New York City where he was invited to join the Harlem Theater Group. While a member of the group, he appeared in his first movie. From there he performed in Europe, Asia and Africa for two years. 

Reynaldo has been entertaining audiences for 30 years. He has appeared in 52 movies, including "Friday," "House Party 3," " White Men Can't Jump," "A Rage in Harlem," and "Harlem Nights." He also has 32 television shows to his credit, including B.E.T.'s "Comic View,"1998-99, 2000-2001, on which he was a Co-Host; "The Tonight Show," "Sister, Sister," Robert Townsend's "Parents in Crime," and "Parenthood," "227" as Ray the Mailman, "Sanford and Son" and "The Royal Family." Reynaldo has also recorded three comedy albums and three videos. He produced his own video, which features a rap he wrote called "I’m Scared a’ U" after overwhelming audience reaction to it on Russell Simmons' "Def Comedy Jam." 

Reynaldo's last project was "Hollywood P.O.," a play that he wrote, directed, financed, penned the tunes for ( all but one, which was written by his wife, Evelyn, who co- produced the play), starred in and cast. He chose longtime friend, Sherman Hemsley (Mr.Jefferson of the "Jeffersons") for his of co-star. He took the play on a trial run across the country, and when he returned to Hollywood, did a total rewrite and recast all the characters (except Sherman). He opened at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles to standing ovations.

Rey's newest project is a salute to an old friend, Redd Foxx, whom he met after only two months in Hollywood. After catching Reynaldo's show, Foxx became his manager for 12 years. Reynaldo opened for Redd Foxx for 18 years in Las Vegas and around the country. They worked well together because their shows were in total contrast, with Redd being triple X and Reynaldo under his wing. Redd showed Reynaldo the pitfalls of life in showbiz. And they took many rides up and down the Vegas Strip at four and five in the morning, sharing their life experiences. Reynaldo feels that Redd never truly got his props so, his latest film project, "Foxx XXX,"is a salute to his mentor.

"Superman Lover," Rey is songwriting again! Rey, Who co-Wrote "Superman Lover,"which was #1 on Billiboard, with Johnny "Guitar" Watson. 

Reynaldo the Lecturer?
Reynaldo Rey was recently a Guest Lecturer at Pepperdine Univeristy for students studying Communication. He shared information with the very excited students about his career that spans 30 years, and the importance of being an effective communicator in whatever area of work they pursue after gradution.
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